Blaster 💥

An SMS + Email Broadcasting Tool That Makes
It Simple To Get Your Message Out

Information about Blaster

The Problem

The ability to easily get your message out to your shoppers has become increasingly difficult and clunky. Dealers want a way to promote to their existing shoppers via email and SMS, most tools out their offer either or. 

The Solution

Dealmatic Blaster combines both Email and SMS broadcasting functionality so you never miss a beat, and neither do your shoppers.

Product Facts

Blaster helps you re-engage shoppers who might’ve gone silent, or may need some incentive. With each blast you can expect a 1-20% response rate, typically leading to 5-10% appointment sets, per send. 

Setup Requirements

Dealers who opt for our Blaster product will be given all the resources they need to kick-off a successful broadcast. The only thing will be you need to upload your contacts for a particular send via a CSV file. Don’t worry, we supply a template so it’s easy to upload. 🙂


Q: Do you follow TCPA Rules? Yes 100%. 8am-9pm in your time zone as the standards to comply towards. Outside of those hours, email only, but Telephony and SMS messaging are strictly prohibited.