Converter ♻️

Turning Your Leads Into Appointments

Information about Converter

The Problem

The typical dealer has anywhere between 2-20 lead sources, sometimes even more. As with our Generator solution, we think many lead sources only collect part of the puzzle, but don’t give you the full view of the shopper

The Solution

We’ve created a dynamic link for each of your shoppers that can push to any leads you’d like whether it be all of them or only certain sources. We then take those leads and push our questionnaire flow to them. You’ll learn the incentives the shopper is interested in; if they have a trade-in, their credit profile; general terms for the deal; as well as shopper appointment sets. Your team will be notified any time a dealsheet is filled out or an appointment is set.

Product Facts

Dealers using Converter see a tremendous jump in automated appointment sets vs. how much work their BDC needed to do before. With Converter, whatever leads you decide to send over can expect about a 50% interaction rate, 30% Dealsheet rate, and 10-15% appointment set rates.

Setup Requirements

Dealers who opt for our Converter solution will be required to forward leads from their current CRM to Dealmatic. Dealmatic parses leads sent over and is able to facilitate communication with said shopper once we have the lead information.


Q: Do you follow TCPA Rules? Yes 100%. 8am-9pm in your time zone as the standards to comply towards. Outside of those hours, email only, but Telephony and SMS messaging are strictly prohibited.