Dealsheet Example

Dealmatic, Turn Your Leads Into Deals

With Dealmatic, our goal is to make the pre-visit experience better by creating more confidence & alignment with the shopper. A study by Cox Automotive said that 85% of shoppers are more likely to buy from a dealer who has a component of digital retailing in their shopping experience. It also mentioned that Dealmatic gives your dealership the self-serve dimension desired by shoppers. By getting a shopper to go through the questions we outline in our self-serve flow, your shoppers become more engaged, and ready to buy. They’ll have taken a major step in moving forward towards a car sale. We have a few core offerings to help your shoppers tee up their own deals:

  1. On-site Deal Generation – Generate Dealsheets straight from your website. Insead of generic leads, you’ll be getting served shoppers who are ready to transact straight from your website.
  2. Backend Leads 2 Deals – Dealers usually have many lead sources. With Leads 2 Deals, we send your shoppers a self-serve flow for them to structure their deal and tee up a lead from all your other lead sources. Pick and choose which lead sources you want to be able to go through the flow!
  3. Customer Engagement Tools – Manual engagement is still a huge driver and many shoppers require an actual conversation to go deeper with your dealership. We provide all the communication tools required to take your shoppers deeper, and generate new dealsheets manually.
  4. Broadcasting Functionality – Mining for new opportunities is something that can drive a lot of new business. We offer simple email and text broadcasting tools to rev up new interest and generate new deals.

With Dealmatic, you can expect to get dealsheets (download an example below) all day long, every day of the week. Imagine your sales team getting tee’d up deals ready to knock out of the park. Your shoppers want self-serve to be part of the car buying experience. Give it to them with Dealmatic!

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