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Information About Generator:

The Problem

Lead Generation has been around for ages. More recently it’s become digitized but one issue has always remained with Lead generation – quality varies tremendously, and pieces of the puzzle are missing or omitted.

The Solution

We’ve gone lengths and bounds to create a fine-tuned lead-generating flow that delivers you the quality of prospect you’re looking for but also gets the appointment setup too.

Product Facts

Dealers using Generator have seen anywhere from a 50-250 lead per month jump in volume. Great BDC’s are able to schedule 30% of appointments on total leads. With Generator, 40% of your leads will come with an appointment already set. The other 60% will be pre-qualified and scored.

Setup Requirements

Dealers who opt for our Generator solution will be required to place a piece of javascript code (1 short line of code) onto your website. We will work with you to stylize, personalize, and localize your buttons how you’d like.