Manager 🕹️

A Lightweight CRM For Dealers Designed
With An Engagement First Mentality

Information about Manager

The Problem

CRM’s have gotten so bloated and heavy that they’re often times unclear about KPI’s, salesperson ownership, which phase of the sales cycle the shopper is in. There hasn’t been much improvement when it comes to automating the BDC or sales process in a long time. Dealers want something new, effective, and simple. That’s why we made Manager.

The Solution

Dealmatic Manager incorporates shopper engagement tools with sales engagement automation. Your team will be able to focus their efforts on shoppers who need assistance, and our software will facilitate the shoppers who want to go it their own. With these two worlds colliding your team will notice a much more streamlined process of bringing shoppers in. 

Product Facts

Dealers using Manager can easily see which shoppers have been responded to and which have not. Gain deep insight into which lead sources work best for your team. Teams that utilize Manager are able to reach appointment set rates of 40%+, far exceeding superb industry standards.

Setup Requirements

Dealers who opt for our Manager solution will be required to forward all leads to your newly designated ingestion email address. Once that is complete, Dealmatic will begin receiving and working your leads automatically. With Manager you’re able to apply a more delicate touch to shoppers who might need more attention.


Q: Do you follow TCPA Rules? Yes 100%. 8am-9pm in your time zone as the standards to comply towards. Outside of those hours, email only, but Telephony and SMS messaging are strictly prohibited.

Manager Dashboard