The Ultimate Sales Machine

The Digital Retailing Suite Designed For Dealer BDC & Sales Teams That Puts Deals & Appts On Autopilot.

Turn Shoppers Into Buyers

The Dealmatic First Pencil process provides a Customer friendly approach to negotiations that enhances your profitability, increases close rates, reduces negotiation times and improves overall Customer Satisfaction rates.

Each lead your dealership receives today has some propensity to buy, the question is who is the most ready and who deserves the focus & energy?  

With Dealmatic, you’ll know by automatically identifying a prospect’s key deal points like trade equity, credit score, and downpayment.  

Within an hour from now, your dealership could be getting shoppers to automatically qualify themselves, making your BDC & Sales staff more focused on moving the best opportunities forward. 

Imagine getting a propensity score on every new shopper. That score would be updated to reflect the viability of the deal as the shopper qualifies themself. At this point your staff is now working with Deals not Leads.

As more and more consumers are opting for frictionless experiences,  let us show you how 1st Pencil can increase your results.

Works with all CRMs & Lead Providers