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Sales Appointment

Dealers, What’s A Sales Appointment Worth To You?

Importance of the Sales Appointment The more things change in the automotive industry, the more things remain the same. The fact of the matter is 84% of shoppers still want a test-drive of their vehicle of interest before making a … Read More

Are Shoppers Ready to Buy Online?

Shoppers aren’t ready to buy vehicles online (yet)…

Today, Consumers’ interests are different than Dealers’ interests.  We need alignment.  Amazon did it offering vast inventory, low prices and fast delivery -3 very compelling things.  How are OEMs and Auto Dealers going to do it?  Of course major purchases … Read More

Dealmatic, Turn Your Leads Into Deals

Dealsheet Example

With Dealmatic, our goal is to make the pre-visit experience better by creating more confidence & alignment with the shopper. A study by Cox Automotive said that 85% of shoppers are more likely to buy from a dealer who has … Read More

Lead Scoring for BDCs

How Lead Scoring Can Level Up Your BDC

Lead scoring in a pandemic It’s more important now than ever that dealerships have reliable systems & processes in place for their sales process. Processes that help sales prioritization influence the bottom-line, like lead scoring. Whereas a consumer would just … Read More