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Dealmatic Automotive BDC 

Trusted by Dealerships.
Loved by your shoppers. Located in the heart of Motor City, Detroit

Every Internet Lead Responded to in 60 Seconds

The BDC positions your dealership as the #1 dealership to contact your Internet Shoppers. This instantly distinguishes your dealership from the rest of pack!

Customer Experience 1st

Our first and primary goal is to always deliver an experience that's delightful, helpful and always respectful. We're in the business of making sure your dealer gives the best first impression and experience.

Seamless Handoffs To Your Team

Real-Time Text Message and Email notifications keeping your Sales + Service Team adept to the BDC's progress and hot handoffs at all times. Just let our team know your off days, and we can turn off notifications on those days 😉

Reallocate Head Count From AI

Our AI engine is always working for your shoppers. Feeding them engaging bits of information and keeping them actively engaged with your dealership. Our AI engine empowers your shoppers .

Why Dealmatic BDC?

Recruiting, maintaining and retaining Quality BDC professionals is a massive challenge in today’s retail automotive industry. Dealmatic’s BDC exists to relieve your dealership of some of that pressure and make life a little easier for you. Open 24/7, 365 Day per year, our company was started by the people that created Internet Leads back in the late 1990’s. We have the experience, the team and the resolve to deliver quality sales + service appointments to your dealership, all day, every day. Call/text us at 313-251-0578 and let’s partner up! 🤠

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