Sales BDC

Sales BDC 

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Automotive BDC

Endless Treatment Customization

Bring your own treatment to the table or let us recommend treatments we know yield results. We're able to work with every type, size dealer because our solution is free flowing and very flexible.

Customer Experience 1st

Our first and primary goal is to always deliver an experience that's delightful, helpful and always respectful. We're in the business of making sure your dealer gives the best first impression and experience.

Seamless Handoffs To Your Team

BDC teams can often times come across as disconnected from the sale and teams are left wondering what value they provide. We work your sales leads differently, and make sure to provide a seamless handoff every time.

Reallocate Head Count From AI

Our AI engine is always working for your shoppers. Feeding them engaging bits of information and keeping them actively engaged with your dealership. Our AI engine empowers your shoppers .

Why Dealmatic Sales BDC?

A Dealership’s Sales BDC is a core part of the sales cycle. The usual dealer see’s about 60% of their leads coming from online sources. And without a solid BDC to convert online leads into real life opportunities dollars are going to slip through the cracks. That’s where Dealmatic’s Sales BDC comes in. We work with you to design a custom treatment tailored for your shoppers that maximizes throughput.  With our combination of “customer experience first” mentality, shopper empowerment, and AI driven automation – we’re able to attain 2-3x the results a dealership usually receives at a fraction of the cost. Call us today to learn ho we can help your Dealership reach new heights.

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