Sales Engagement Platform

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Increase productivity and performance with the leading sales engagement platform for dealerships.

Sales Engagement Platform for Dealerships
Sales Engagement Platform for Dealerships
What is Sales Engagement?

Modern Outreach

A Sales Engagement Platform accelerates how your BDC teams executes multichannel, multitouch engagement at scale. You can customize & automate your outreach workflows for engaging customers leading to stronger relationships with your shoppers and more vehicle sales.

Not Enough Time?

Empower Your Shoppers

Dealmatic runs autonomously in the background. Empowering your BDC team to save time and focus on the next most important thing. Prioritization is always challenge, but with Dealmatic your outreach efforts will be on rails.

Empower Your Shoppers -
Boost BDC Productivity
How Does Sales Engagement Help?

Boost Productivity

Create, test, and deploy your own customized outreach programs. Align outbound communications to each customer segment. Automate the qualification process, and save time allowing your team to focus on leads that require a human touch.

More Impact

Happier Team,
More Sales

Gartner ranks Sales Engagement platforms amongst the most impactful and satisfying software for sales teams. Let us show you how our sales engagement platform is the perfect compliment to your current CRM and the tool your BDC has been missing.

Why Sales Engagement Matters For Dealerships

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