Service BDC

Service BDC 

Turn Service Revenue into Predictable Cashflow

12 Best Times To Email Your Shoppers

24/7/365 Coverage

Getting coverage all year round is tough. With Dealmatic's Service BDC it's just a part of our DNA. Rest assured, no calls are going to be missed, and you're going to maximize your bottom line.

Delight & Serve Your Base

We bring relationship building and going out of our way to delight your customers to the table. We aim to position our dealer partners in the best light, one that amplifies loyalty and recurring purchases.

Pinpointed Opportunities

We tailor each communication to the customer in question. We make sure to ask the tough questions, and get them in for their regularly scheduled maintenance checkups.

Transparency With Everything

Transparency is key to how we operate. We make sure to take detailed notes, and send clear and concise communications tailored to each customers specific needs.

Why Dealmatic Service BDC?

A Dealership’s Service BDC can be a critical part of predictable revenue for the overall dealership. Yet, less than 35% of dealers nationally choose to focus their efforts outbound engagement efforts in these areas. Interestingly enough, Service drives and outbound engagement pair perfectly together and tend to yield some of the highest recurring revenue streams for dealers we’ve heard of. By adding a strong outbound engagement regiment to your operation you will find opportunities abound you didn’t think were possible. We want to help set you up with an outbound service team that’s going to be there for the long run. Let’s explore how your dealership can grow in 2022.

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